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Social Networks That Pay

 Are There Really Social Networks That Pay? 

While all of the social networking websites we are familiar with are free to join and use, most do not pay members for using them. However there is an emerging trend of new social networking websites where the owners are creating a social networking site that compensate users for the time they spend adding content, and for referring their friends.

This is a rapidly growing list of Social Networking websites and they cater to every niche imaginable. There are business social networks, Christian social networks, travel social networks, college social networks, mobile, and private social networks, plus the ability to create your own social network without cost. 

Want To Build a Professional Social Network? 

By using websites like the newly launched open source social networking software made by companies like gives anyone the power to build a social network with Photo, Video Sharing, blogs and forums all for free.

It's now very possible to become the next Mark Zuckerburg using without knowing all the technicalities. By simply upgrading your free social networking account, and with the click of your mouse install themes and templates that would rival even FaceBook on a professional level.

Bloggers find a home at HubPages which is a social network for writers of all genres. Hubbers as they're fondly called can write articles on just about any subject including detailed instructions for Making Money With Twitter. Hub writers add their Google Adsense, Amazon, or Kontera affiliate account codes to their Hubs, and many are earning a decent income with their original content at HubPages. 

This social networking community of writers also enjoy fringe benefits like being indexed quickly by search engines such as Google free of charge because their articles are scanned to ensure they aren't copying/pasting content before they are published to the web. They also get free traffic to their articles from fellow HubPage writers who are actively reading, and publishing fresh content on HubPages by the second.

RedGage is another social networks that pays members for uploading photos, adding links, videos, blogs, referring new members, and even adding documents. This website only allows users to post original content, and amateur photographers are making a name for their themselves, and their images. By building up the traffic to their content on RedRage, members are maximizing their income as is indicated on their profile page for everyone to see.

"RedGage is a content platform and a social networking site in one. On other Web 2.0 sites, advertisers pay the websites to put banner ads on their user's pages. At RedGage, you make money from those advertisements." - RedGage.

Joining the arena in the new paying social networking trend is SideTick which as the image above demonstrates pays members for just about everything. Social networks such as SideTick cater to advertisers who are having to find different marketing strategies to reach consumers as they move away from television as the main source of entertainment. 

As a result these innovative marketing strategies are seeing an increase in new social networks that pay members to add their content, and interact online.

Social Networking Trends indicate that not only are we all connected globally but we also have an opportunity to add to our income by making use of these new social networking features that are being offered free with membership.

Check out these social networking videos for information on building your brand using social networks, and more social networking trends.

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