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Social Networking Trends are constantly changing, and evolving. Established brands are using social networks to reach their consumers, and small business owners are realizing the power of creating a FaceBook Page, or Twitter account to engage their market audience. 

Corporate Social Networking is on the rise, and if you have a Twitter, FaceBook, Tumblr. or any social media account it isn't surprising to see a tweet from a major corporation in your news stream. 

Social network advertising is becoming very main stream as advertisers utilize the ever growing social networking options to contact consumers, prospects, and subscribers about what they have to offer. 

Advertisers see the benefit of doing this and are becoming increasingly creative with their social network marketing materials because they know, and understand the value of advertising in social networks where there is a great possibility of  their advertising campaigns going viral. 

Small Business Branding is also a great example of how social networks are now being utilized as a tool to reach consumers, and establish lesser known brands.

There are Business Social Networks like APSense which is a social network platform loaded with marketing tools where affiliate marketers can create blogs, groups, Product Review Pages known as RevPages, and their own Business Centers to advertise their products, or services.

Another rising trend is the social network that pays members to use them by sharing a percentage of their advertising revenue with active members. 

Unlike FaceBook which has made, and kept billions of dollars from advertising, user activity, and content, these member driven social networks are sharing the wealth.

PeopleString is one of the leading social networking companies that is offering their members a whopping 70% of the advertising revenue generated from their activities on the PeopleString social network. 

This social network isn't unlike any other because it provides all of the same features that we're mostly all now familiar with on social networks.

Membership to PeopleString which is free provides blogs, forums, photo and video uploads, a profile page that can be designed to your taste, a news stream so you can follow your friends activities just like on FaceBook, or MySpace. 

Unlike Twitter, Linkedin, FaceBook or any of the other social networks, PeopleString which is owned by the creators of the email provider BigString provides two rather extraordinary email accounts free of charge to their members.

The email accounts come with video email, self-destruct capabilities, and give users full control over the emails they send. All that is needed is a video camera, a headset and creating self destruct video emails becomes a breeze. 

This technology is so easy to use that I was surprised at how quickly I could send my first video email to my personal email account to test the system. 

While there are a couple of things that I believe can be improved such as the ability to create filters like you can in a Gmail account, the amount of storage that comes with membership is still very competitive. 

There are other emerging Social Networking Trends that is making it possible for anyone to own a social network Read More...

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